Tangible digitalization.
Menu management
by qnips:
Allergens, additives, nutritional value & co.
In your hands.

Centrally organized, available anywhere.

Qnips enables you to build customized menus and effectively communicate allergens, additives & nutritional values in apps, on (touch) displays, the web and in PDFs. Modular features, such as allergen filters and article based feedback, enhance the system, saving you valuable time and enhancing employee satisfaction with ongoing quality management.

Weekly Menu

Qnips comprises a comprehensive management system for product lines, menu cards and catering menus. Data storage offers plenty of room for price levels, statutorily regulated allergen details, additives, etc. – displaying a nutritional value chart is also possible. Icons, pictures & co. can be inserted to customize and add variety.

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Take advantage of the pre-order feature for easier meal preparation or additional revenue through delivery services or during lunchtime. Product range maintenance takes care of itself after managing your menu, leaving the otherwise required time for other things that require your attention.

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    Let the Qnips recipe manager utilize your digital cookbook. Recipes can be compiled in the online manager, broken down into preparation steps and displayed with corresponding pictures, ingredients, measurements, level of difficulty & preparation time.

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    Send text and pictures, refer to offers, such as coupons and bonus systems, and also questionnaires or announce new openings. Besides direct messages, you can choose to send news to registered users via e-mail.

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    A versatile, at-your-disposal feedback system establishes strong bonds through interactions between merchandise management and/or cash system master data. Users’ article-specific feedback may be collected from various sources: e.g. in the app, in digital menus, at feedback terminals, via e-mail & web links.

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    QM & Business Intelligence

    Digitalize the generation and evaluation of comprehensive questionnaires via smartphone or tablet. Photo features allow for e.i. a lean and efficient display of your processes for digital HACCP concept documentation. The affiliated tool for Business Intelligence enables automated sending of predefined reports via E-mail, as well as their quick evaluation in various types of graphics and tables.

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    Mobile Payment

    Mobile Payment is implemented via PayPal and kesh integration, as well as through a credit system. Smartphones with Bluetooth, NFC or displaying a QR code are only one catagory of technology enabling transmission to a POS. Plastic cards with NFC tags, QR codes or magnetic strips can be connected with the system.

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    Digital receipt

    When implementing mobile payment, a combination with digital receipts that make each transaction detail come alive in the app is recommended.

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    Loyalty system

    Discover product as well as revenue based loyalty systems to bind your customers. Thanks to a cashback system and immediate discounts, you get to choose from various redemption options which can be used with or without cash system integration. In addition to intelligent QR codes, technology such as NFC tags via cards and smartphones can be applied for collection and redemption.

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    Digital feedback. Quick & detail-rich.

    Listen closely to your guests and let them submit their daily personal feedback – digitally. Use our Qnips Terminals to create your own individual surveys and have them answered live in your canteen. You will receive your daily analysis automatically via e-mail or can create your own analysis in the Qnips Dashboard – your online administration.

    Using our Qnips Menu Manager, you can also assess the exact dishes of your daily menu to stay informed about your guests’ satisfaction on a daily basis: Digital feedback via Qnips is quick, detail-rich and on the level of individual items & products.



    A selection of illustration facilities leave nothing to be desired.

    Qnips makes the efficient and automated import of existing data through an interface for enterprise resource planning or cash systems possible. This enables you to provide menus with allergy, additive and nutritional information efficiently at all locations.


    From corporate TV to touch display. Utilize the hardware that best suits you. In every size imaginable.


    Paperwork, a thing of the past: Switch to tomorrow’s digital signage, today. With ePaper displays.


    Automatically reach out to the entire firm. With an interactive HTML view for the inter- or intranet.


    Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone & BlackBerry. With plenty of features from our Qnips modular design kit.


    One card for all

    The Qnips POS interface doesn’t only provide mobile payment via smartphone – e.g. via PayPal or kesh – for over twenty leading cash systems, but also enables entirely card-based transactions.

    This way you can offer your customers the ultimate flexibility with or without a smartphone and benefit from all the advantages of cashless payment systems yourself. Thanks to a central server architecture – either hosted by you or Qnips.

    Loyalty card

    Revenue or product based loyalty systems, including a web portal for your customers

    Debit card

    Check out with collected credit and top up at POS or on the web.

    Employee ID card

    Settling various price plateaus and linking these with payrolls.

    gift card

    The trusted and true gift: A gift card cleared for all stores.


    The Qnips Dashboard functions as your central online administrator and menu manager.

    Once laid out, your menus are automatically transferred to apps, touch displays and the web. Naturally, you are additionally supplied with PDF, print and e-mail options.

    Your online management: The Menu Manager powered by the Qnips Dashboard.


    Qnips allows for the perfect creation and maintenance of individual master data for everything from separate items to merchandise groups to entire product lines. This simplifies central data processing (whether manual or automated) substantially.

    Use the same dataset for all apps & displays, the inter- and intranet, as well as every single PDF.

    Import without effort.

    Thanks to interfaces for your merchandise management and cash systems, Qnips makes efficient data import and usage possible. When you’re pressed for time, simply upload your menu plan or stock list directly as a CSV, XLS or XML to your new online system. Take a look at the integrations available.


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