The Premium Pass

Constant Change.
Gaining new clients. Binding existing customers. Not so easy in an industry that is dependent on the eternal change of fashion. Especially not with the prevalence of online trade that disrupts brick-and-mortar retail.

qnips thus believes that these tools should be made available to the POS, not only to create equality of opportunity, but to underpin the inherent benefits of omni-channel sales for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Kramer App Prämienpass

Kramer shoes

With more than 50 branches within a radius of 250 km, Kramer Shoes GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest regional players in the shoe trade.

Founded in 1893 in Ahaus, this family-owned company can look back on a proud history. With qnips you look to the future to continue this success.

The premium pass is in 35 SCHUH OKAY stores,
16 ABC SHOES and can be used at Kramer shoes Ahaus.
Kramer Schuhe Prämienpass

The Premium Pass

Say “Good-Bye” to the old-school hand-stamped, ticked off and manually registered bonus booklet, and “Hello” to the qnips digital bonus program! With this real-time online interface to the cash register system, qnips enables the most diverse bonus and customer loyalty systems at the POS.

Regardless of whether customers want to use physical or virtual customer cards, both variants are covered completely digitally and in “real-time” by qnips. A check-in at the point-of-sale system is sufficient to capture all transaction data from the purchase and to use it to attract and retain customers.

Kramer Shoes uses its own system called “Premium Pass”, which skilfully combines communication and interaction.

Kramer Schuhe Kundenkarte

Features. Features. Features.

So Kramer Shoes offers its customers short-term coupons
and a digital receipt through its premium pass.

This can be used immediately after purchase.

Kramer Schuhe Prämienpass
Kramer Schuhe Prämienpass
Kramer Schuhe Prämienpass


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