One system.
All channels.
One-stop omnichannel marketing.

All in one place. POS, app & online shop become one.

Collecting loyalty points on a loyalty card as well as in an app? Incorporating online shop and offline revenue in the same account? All of these worlds are increasingly merging

Comprehensively identifying customers and developing appropriate customer retention tools doesn’t have to be daunting. Qnips’ innovative modular tools let you intertwine all channels and allow for a central and effective customer relationship management.

Loyalty Systems

Article-specific feedback & revenue based loyalty systems support a substantial customer rebuy rate and can be designed online and offline via loyalty card and app.

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Digital coupons via e-mail or smartphone invite customers to shop and automatically boost revenue online as well as offline.

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Mobile Payment

Mobile payment (e.g. via PayPal or kesh) can be a convenient and economical addition for you and your customer. Design your future.

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Customer feedback

Thanks to our POS integration, article-specific feedback to all transactions is made available to you and allows for quality management without additional effort.

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Digitaler Kassenbon.

Bieten Sie Ihre Rechnungen zum Speichern direkt in der App an und sorgen Sie für einen sicheren Umtausch sowie mehr Übersicht beim zufriedenen Kunden.

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Whether focusing on customer retention, acquisition, feedback, Mobile Payment, or any of the other various features, you will always be able to choose between an economical application of the Qnips-App or your own Whitelabel-App, which puts your brand in the spotlight.

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Reach customers from your CRM with individual news directly sent to their smartphone or via e-mail. Integrate social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, and interact with your customers.

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Webshop integration

Expand the range of your online shop directly in the app or simply use the Click-&-Collect options for POS. The modular Qnips system allows for versatile expandability.

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Campaigns via push, e-mail and iBeacon

. Customized mobile marketing solutions by Qnips lay the foundation for successful, interactive customer relations. Peronalized push messages, such as customized e-mails, allow for selective targeting directly from your CRM. This enables you to reach your customers on all channels: Via time-controlled forwarding, or location based via iBeacon and GPS.


Don’t stake everything on one card. Stake it on all of them.

The Qnips modular principle doesn’t just support smartphone app solutions, but also tangible customer cards – and loyalty cards – and debit cards – and club cards – and gift cards.

Qnips turns overwhelm into transparency by combining the benefits of smartphone apps and traditional customer cards. For maximum range. We make displaying an existing card system via app or simultaneously launching a card system with the help of a POS integration possible.

Loyalty card

Article or revenue based loyalty systems. Also available in combination with a web portal.

Debit card

Checking out with collected credit and topping up at POS or on the web.

Club card

Instant discounts for VIP customer or special offers for all: Your future club card.

Gift card

The trusted and true gift: A gift card cleared for all stores.

An online shop integration ensures customers can utilize loyalty systems even when shopping at home or on the road.

The central dashboard keeps an eye on everything

The Qnips dashboard is your central CRM and CMS system. This is where all data is saved and can be controlled and evaluated for each store.

  • Customer profile and shopping cart information
  • frequency and length of visits
  • Individual targetting
  • Real-time conversion rates

Technology carrier. The POS integration.

Whether you want to focus on mobile payment, customer loyalty or traditional customer cards, we back each application with the suitable technology.

Our POS integration can be used with each transaction, e.g. via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC) or intelligent QR-Codes. Additionally, interfaces for your merchandise management and cash register systems enable efficient data import and usage.


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