Catering Trade
Digitization for the Freshness Factory.

For more than 40 years, our customer Sander Catering has been helping his clients successfully master gastronomic challenges.

And since 2016, we have been helping Sander implement this digitally in the form of apps, digital signage solutions and feedback systems.

At present over 200 decentralized restaurants in Germany benefit from the offers of Sander Catering.

And from qnips.

Integration to merchandise management KOST.

For Sander Catering, the core of the cooperation and source of all menu data is the qnips interface to the goods management system KOST.

There, all relevant meal plan data is maintained centrally, provided with all important additional information and images, and displayed by qnips at all front-ends (apps, digital signage solutions and PDF files).

The portfolio is rounded off by feedback systems from qnips, in order to be able to collect the opinions of the guests at any time quickly and digitally.


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