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Storck employees have the opportunity to book food in advance at the catering department. Previously, this pre-order had to be made on site and paid for directly in cash. It was not possible to re-order, change or cancel, order for several days or pay against the payroll account.

The aim of the project was the complete digitalisation of the ordering process. On the side of the customer the qnips-Whitelabel-App as well as the HTML5 order frontend were used for this purpose. On the catering side, a dedicated Android-based picking app was used to control an industrial label printer. So every order gets a label with data like “name of the customer”, “place of delivery” and content of the bag incl. allergens and nutritions.
Storck preorder

by touch

In the factory hall, employees simply place their factory ID card on an NFC reader and automatically call up the web shop.

After removing the badge, the order is automatically saved and can be recalled at any time.

The Storck whitelabel app

Order convenient
from bus and train

The whitelabel app also makes it easy to order if time permits: from the train, the bus or while waiting in the supermarket.

In case of unplanned absence, the employee can easily cancel the order via App at any time.



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