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customer retention via app, card and web. Simultaneously and in with one system

Collecting loyalty points via app? Incorporating online shop revenue on loyalty accounts? The increasing mergence of offline and online retail makes identifying customers comprehensively and integrating them in customer retention actions evermore challenging.


Qnips is like a SAP system for customer retention systems. We build perfected custom solutions with function modules for smartphone apps, payment methods, card systems or location based services.

Customer acquisition & customer retention.

Choose from a varienty of digital coupons, such as article specific and revenue based bonus systems, as incentives for customers or guests.

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Customer feedback

Thanks to our POS integration, article-specific feedback to all transactions is made available to you and allows for quality management without additional effort.

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Mobile Payment

Payment via smartphone – e.g. via PayPal or kesh – or entirely card based. Offer your customers the ultimate flexibility with or without a smartphone and benefit from all the advantages of cashless payment systems yourself.

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Digital receipt

Receipts can be saved directly in the app and used, e.g. as proof of purchase or for safe returns. The more comprehensive overview ensures great customer convenience.

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Use Tried-and-Trust-Framework Qnips functions and profit simultaneously from a user interface that’s up to 100 % customized to suit your needs. This enables you to combine the efficiency of a retained system with your very own look.

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Send text and pictures, refer to offers, such as coupons and bonus systems, and also questionnaires or announce new openings. Besides direct messages, you can choose to send news to registered users via e-mail.

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Online booking

Bookings or appointments can be made directly via app and less busy time slots can be promoted with special offers.

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Product representation

Present your product range via app, display, touch stela or print. Best of all: Allergens and additives are flagged compliant with statutory provisions.

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Campaigns via push, e-mail and iBeacon

Reach your customers on all channels. Via time-controlled forwarding, or location based via iBeacon or GPS.

Loyalty card integration

To make addressing customers without a smartphone possible, we alternatively offer portraying an existing loyalty card system via app or additionally implementing a loyalty card system with POS integration.

One card for all

Whether you want to collect points with your customer loyalty card, or use it to make a payment or as a voucher. All of these functions are possible with the Qnips POS integration.

Loyalty card

Revenue or product based loyalty systems, including a web portal for your customers

Debit card

Check out with collected credit and top up at POS or on the web.

Club card

Instant discounts for VIP customer or special offers for all: Your future club card.

Gift card

The trusted and true gift: A gift card cleared for all stores.

Welcome to the Qnips Dashboard – your convenient online management. The cockpit provides a quick overview with key figures.

POS and Webshop Integration

No matter if you want to promote mobile payment, loyalty or customer cards. Different technologies can be used in any case.


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